Android Screen Translator. Tap to translate any text on the screen. From 75 languages (include CJK) to 105 languages.


👍 Faster, finish text recognition in game screen within milliseconds, no screenshot upload, no data traffic consumption. Using streaming translation technology, shorten your waiting time for translation results to less than 1 second.

👍 More accurate, based on big data and AI to calculate the most suitable translation model for the current game, so that the translation results are more accurate and closer to the game.

👍 More natural, intelligently recognizes the display style of the original text on the game screen, and re-displays the translated text in the style of the original text as much as possible, making you feel as if the game natively supports your language.

👍 Easier to use, all operations are performed on the floating window, just double-click to quickly translate full screen. In addition to translation, the floating window offers a wide range of features such as screenshots, regional translation, translation history, text copying, search, settings and more.


✔️ Floating window display, double-click for quick full-screen translation;

✔️ Floating window provides expansion mode: regional translation, translation history, translation after editing, screenshot, copy, search and more;

✔️ Free translation of game screens in 75 languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other East Asian languages; translation into 105 languages;

✔️ Support translating selected area of the screen, faster and more accurate;

✔️ Support viewing translation history, and support to translate again after modifying the recognized text;

✔️ Supports copying and searching of original text and translated text;

✔️ Support one-click screenshot of game screen and save;

✔️ No internet connection is required for text recognition, game screenshots are not uploaded to the internet, no data traffic consumption, and translation is as fast as 1 second;